Live Animal Removal

Have you ever been working in your yard and found yourself face to face with a potentially dangerous animal?  If so, don't hesitate to call Tufts Wildlife Services for help!  We will get there as soon as humanly possible to remove the threat and keep you safe.  Whether it is a snake in your garden or a raccoon in your trash area, our Wildlife Removal Professionals can help.  Years of animal handling experience give T.W.S. the ability to respond to and control almost any animal situation.  We don't shy away from the dangerous, nor do we minimize your fear of the harmless animals, if you'd like it removed, T.W.S. will respond quickly and remove the nuisance animal.

Invasive Species Management

There are several invasive species in our great state of Florida. Tufts Wildlife Services will work with you to take the best course of action to remove/reduce the population of invasive species in or around your property.

For more information From FWC about non-native species in Florida