Attic Restoration

Insulation Removal

Unfortunately, sometimes the damage to your insulation is just too great.  This is usually the case in older homes with older insulation or in cases where the nuisance animal infestation has been going on for a long time.  The insulation may become totally saturated with animal urine and feces and can not be salvaged.  It is also possible for animals to damage your insulation beyond repair by chewing or nesting.  Tufts Wildlife Services will safely and effectively remove damaged insulation either by hand or using a commercial insulation vacuum.  Once the insulation and organic material has been removed Tufts Wildlife Services will then fog out the attic using a commercial atomizer to ensure that every surface of your attic has been sanitized and is as clean as can be.

Insulation Replacement

If you're in need of new insulation, look no further.  Tufts Wildlife Services will remove any insulation damaged by nuisance animals, and replace it with new insulation.  We can  perform what is called a blow over (we'll add another few inches of fresh insulation over the existing layer in order to bring your insulation levels to recommended specifications).  Sometimes however, all of your existing insulation must be removed and replaced with brand new insulation.  Whether it is rolled fiberglass insulation, or blown in cellulose, Tufts Wildlife Services can meet your needs and help keep your home cool in this tropical weather.