Bat Removal

Why we remove Bats

Some bat species form colonies and some  roost alone, as removal professionals, we prioritize removing bats whether it is one bat inside your attic or an entire bat infestation, with Tufts Wildlife Services you can be sure that you are dealing with removal professionals that take pride in getting rid of bats from your home and bats in the attic.  

Bats are very small and can enter your home through a variety of entry points some as small as a penny!  They can also roost in the small gap of space between your barrel tile roof and the boards on which they lay.  Once they set up shop bats can make a very smelly and dangerous mess.  Their urine saturates the wood and can cause extensive rotting and their feces smells terrible!  There are  two major health concerns associated with bats.  Bat Guano (poop) is home to the lung disease histoplasmosis, symptoms of this illness include mild to high fever, muscle aches, and respiratory distress.  Bats are also known to carry the rabies virus, which is transmitted in the saliva when a person is bitten by an infected bat in its  virulent stage.  

Click on the links for more information about histoplasmosis or rabies.    

Our Bat removal process.

Bats are our friends.  They feed on flying insects such as mosquitoes and help to reduce the mosquito population.  They are also protected by law and it is illegal to harm them in any way.  Tufts Wildlife Services is a professional bat removal company that will use only the safest methods to remove bats from your home and attic.  We install one-way valves so that when the bats leave the roost in the evening to hunt for food, they are unable to re-enter your home and will therefore find another place to live.  Once we have determined that all the bats are safely out of your attic, we will seal up any an all entry points on the exterior of your home to ensure that your home doesn't get invaded again.

 Once this exclusion process is complete, Tufts Wildlife Services will perform an attic sanitation.  During this service we will remove any and all accessible feces and contaminants using a commercial grade vacuum equipped with a hepa filtration system to avoid the spread of spores and parasite eggs.  Tufts Wildlife Services will then use a commercial atomizer to disperse hospital grade sanitizer throughout your attic to kill any remaining bacteria.  This chemical is safe and effective when it comes to removing potential health threats as well as any scent trails or odors left behind by bats and other wildlife.