Dead Animal Removal

Are you noticing a nasty smell in your home?

One of the less glamorous tasks undertaken by Tufts Wildlife Services is locating and removing dead animals from your home and property.  Unfortunately, some animals find their way into your home and perish before they can find their way back out for food and water.  We all know how hot our attics get in Florida and you can only imagine how quickly the decomposition process begins to take effect.  Trust us, you want the situation resolved as quickly as possible.  Tufts Wildlife Services has years of experience in physically locating and removing the dead animal as well as cleaning and deodorizing the effected areas.  

On the exterior of your home

It is all too common for dead animals to turn up in your yard or on your property.  Unfortunately, sometimes sick animals will seek shelter underneath a patio or porch and pass away.  Other times, an animal will be injured by an automobile and pass away in your front yard or property.  Tufts Wildlife Services will remove dead animals from the exterior of your home and decontaminate the area where the body rested.

On the interior of your home

These jobs can be tricky.  It is very difficult to locate a dead animal inside a home.  Many times the animals will go to the deepest crevices underneath the insulation in your attic to pass away.  Other times rodents will fall into the gap within your walls and die of dehydration.  Tufts Wildlife Services prides itself on our ability to locate these unfortunate animals and remove them from your home safely and efficiently.    Once this corpse removal process is complete, Tufts Wildlife Services will perform an attic sanitation.  During this service we will remove any and all accessible contaminants using a commercial grade vacuum equipped with a hepa filtration system to avoid the spread of spores and bacteria.  Tufts Wildlife Services will then use a commercial atomizer to disperse hospital grade sanitizer throughout your attic to kill any remaining bacteria and rid your home of bad odors.  This chemical is safe and effective when it comes to removing potential health threats as well as any odors left behind by deceased nuisance animals.