Physical Description


There are numerous species of rats living in the state of Florida, some of which are endangered.  However, when it comes to rat infestation, it's usually one of these two species.  

Norway Rats


 The Norway rat is a moderately large, robust, grayish or brownish rodent with coarse fur and a long, sparsely haired, scaly tail. The tail is shorter than the combined length (approximately 80 percent) of the head and body. This feature serves as a key identification character in differentiating this species from the Roof Rat. The underparts and feet are grayish to whitish.  

Roof Rats



The Roof Rat is a medium sized rat  with relatively large ears and a tail that is nearly always longer than  the body.  Males are longer and heavier than are females.  Many members of the  species are brown in color with a lighter colored ventral belly.  One of the main ways to differentiate between Norway Rats and Roof Rats is the fact that the Roof Rat has a finer covering of hair, and a lighter skull.