Squirrel Removal

Why we remove Squirrels

Squirrels may look cute and cuddly, but they can do a lot of damage to your home and property from simply feasting on your garden and fruiting trees, to chewing their way into your attic and setting up shop.  It is important to remember that Squirrels are rodents, and therefore, natural chewers.  They must find things to chew on in order to keep their ever-growing incisors from becoming too long.  They are able to chew through the wood of your facia boards and enter your attic space, the can even chew through your soffit to gain entry.  Once inside they will generally make a nest in your insulation and make themselves at home.  This is where their need to chew becomes a real hazard.  They will chew through electrical wire, a/c duct work, pvc piping, sheet rock, and anything else they choose.  As you can imagine this can cause a ton of damage ranging from decreased a/c efficiency to a catastrophic house fire.

Diseases carried by rodents

rodentIt is important to remember that when dealing with squirrel infestations, we are still dealing with rodents.  Therefore we must take rodent born illnesses into consideration.  Rodent waste material can carry many harmful pathogens that can make humans very sick.  Over the centuries these rodent born diseases have claimed the lives of tens of millions of people throughout the world.  Rodents can directly infect humans with several diseases.  To learn about these illnesses Click Here.  There are also several diseases which can be transmitted indirectly to humans from rats.  To learn more about these illnesses Click Here.s

Our Squirrel removal process

Squirrel trapping methods may vary depending on the situation at hand.  We can use standard trapping methods around the exterior of the home or we can install a one-way door at the main entry point to ensure that they squirrels can exit the home but not return.  Once Tufts Wildlife Services has confirmed that there are no more squirrels in your attic, we will perform a wildlife exclusion.  This is a process where we identify any and all areas where wildlife may be able to enter your home.  We then make repairs and modifications to ensure that wildlife is no longer able to use these areas to gain entry to your the interior of the structure.

  Once this exclusion process is complete, Tufts Wildlife Services will perform an attic sanitation.  During this service we will remove any and all accessible feces and contaminants using a commercial grade vacuum equipped with a hepa filtration system to avoid the spread of spores and bacteria.  Tufts Wildlife Services will then use a commercial atomizer to disperse hospital grade sanitizer throughout your attic to kill any remaining bacteria.  This chemical is safe and effective when it comes to removing potential health threats as well as any scent trails or odors left behind by squirrels and other wildlife.